Structured Pedicure by ESH BLUE

Structured pedicures are the perfect solution for those who want a long-lasting, durable, and chip-resistant pedicure. At our nail spa, we offer structured pedicures that guarantee a flawless look for up to four weeks. Our highly skilled nail technicians use high-quality products to create an impeccable, strong, and stylish finish. Getting a structured pedicure involves applying multiple layers of gel polish onto your natural nails. Each layer has to be cured under UV or LED light before proceeding with the next one. This process ensures that the polish adheres well to your nails, resulting in a long-lasting hold. The final layer creates a hard coating that protects your nails from chipping or breaking. Structured pedicures also add much-needed strength to weak and brittle nails, making them perfect for anyone seeking to grow their natural nails. We are a wig store as well that offers an array of options for your particular needs. Book an appointment with ESH BLUE today!